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WiFi * Free Survey and planning

Wireless is now an important part of the communication strategy for many businesses and individuals

Installation or upgrading your wireless infrastructure can bring many benefits, allowing you to take advantage of improvements in wireless technology

Call on us to undertake a free wireless survey of your home or premises and advise you on the most appropriate equipment to install

We have worked with:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Businesses
  • Home Owners

  • Do you have areas in your business or home, where you can't get a reliable wireless signal?
  • Is your wireless unreliable?
  • Does your wireless constantly connect then disconnect?

Then you need a survey of your property to determine if:

  • The Access Points (AP's) are installed in the correct locations
  • To check the signal strength throughout your premises and identify weak spots
  • To ensure that your AP's are not competign with your neighbours wireless installation and compromising your service

Call: 07875 699931 for a free survey *

* Limited to 50 miles from Canterbury City Centre

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